3D Creation

Do you need 3D models? Augmented Reality filters for social networks? 3D animations? Product packshots?

3D files in high definition and optimized for the web.

Numerized 3D files are very light, generally between 1MB and 3MB, the equivalent of high definition images or very short videos. This allows fast loading on web pages, for exceptional user experiences. Numerized makes a point of honor to create high quality 3D models in order to reproduce the customer experience like in a store.

For each of your models, our 3D designers will seek the best ratio between quality and lightness of 3D files.

Make 3D easier for you, we can manage your 3D assets creation

Upload the photos of your products, give us the dimensions: our 3D graphic designers will create your 3D models from your 2D or 3D assets (pictures, design files, CAD files etc.).

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Create multiple experiments, from a single 3D model!

Multiply the production of content at a lower cost thanks to 3D!

Product Packshots

Augmented Reality Experiences


Filters & Lenses

3D files compatible with web platforms and 3D software

The files delivered are compatible with most editing and 3D animation software, as well as usable on most platforms that accept 3D!

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