3D Viewer

Your online products displayed as in a shop!

Best performances,
for quick loadings.

Numerized 3D player is very light and has been developped to guarantee online retailers quick loadings of their web pages. Loading times are very important on e-commerce website as this could impact the conversion rates (and so product sales) but also impact SEO (Google Search prioritizes pages that load quickly).

3D models are hosted on Numerized's servers that are specially adapted for serving 3D assets quickly for real time viewing.

Augmented Reality button
for your website!

Numerized's 3D player display by default an augmented reality button (Numerized AR Button) so users can view your products in augmented reality.

You don't need an app for that. This augmented reality feature perfectly integrates itself on the purchase funnel of your mobile website!

More about AR
Numerized AR Button

to implement!

You just have to copy a line of code from your dashboard (create your account first) and paste this code into you website. It is easy, like embeding a YouTube video!

Display Augmented Reality Real Size

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