Augmented Reality

Break the frontier between Digital & Real life !

No apps needed!
Launch Augmented Reality
from your website

You don't need an app for that! Use the power of augmented reality directly on your website. Mobile apps are not flexible and very expensive. It costs a lot make people use mobile apps, driving new users and making minor changes. So why not make it simpler?

On smartphones and tablet, just click on Numerized AR Button button to launch the Augmented Reality feature!

Augmented Reality button,
100% customizable!

Numerized AR Button button is a standalone button or is included by default on Numerized 3D players to let users launch Augmented Reality experiences directly from your website. Then users can come back to product pages just by closing the AR module and keep shopping!

Numerized AR button works on all iOS and Android web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and much more). See Augmented Reality Supported Devices for iOS and Android device compatibilities.

Numerized AR Button

Real size,
looks real!

Improve user experience and increase sales with Augmented Reality. User can easily place products on his environment. It helps users on their purchase projections and can also encourage impulse buying.

For bulky products such as furnitures, augmented reality can also help retailers make better margin by client reducing return rates.

Display Augmented Reality Real Size

No code,
Big impact!

With Numerized, implementing Augmented Reality on your website is as easy as integrating a YouTube video! You don't have to be a web developer to implement Numerized on Your Website. We provide a piece of code (1 line of code!), you just have to integrate it on your website or favorite CMS such as Wordpress, Prestashop, Magento, Drupal, Shopify, Joomla and much more.

Numerized AR Button

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