[New on Numerized] Augmented Reality with QR Codes

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The Numerized Augmented Reality button now available on Computer

While only available for smartphones and tablets, the Numerized Augmented Reality button can now be displayed on desktop (computer). A new audience is given access to an immersive experience, one that may not have been aware of this feature before since it was only delivered on the mobile version of the specific website (on smartphones and tablets).

Optimized user experience

How does the Numerized Augmented Reality button work ? It’s very simple, when the user clicks on the AR button, a QR Code is displayed on the screen, inviting the user to scan it. When scanning the QR Code, the user is directly sent to the mobile version of the site and Augmented Reality starts off immediately.

The advantage of displaying the AR Numerized button on Computer is that you do not refer the user to a third party site where the 3D is hosted. The user is sent immediately to the mobile version where the Augmented Reality button is integrated. The user therefore does not leave the site, on the contrary he returns with his mobile.

When the user has finished his experience in Augmented Reality, he can close the window from his smartphone to land directly on the mobile version of the site. Integrating the AR button on an e-commerce site has never been easier since it gives the possibility of integrating the Augmented Reality experience into the buying journey.

Try the power of the QR Code and its Augmented Reality functionality

Click on the button below and live the experience for yourself !

Feel free to share the experience on social media and let us know what you think!

Activate the display option on desktop in 1 click

The option to edit Augmented Reality buttons on computer is enabled by default when creating a new Augmented Reality button.

For former buttons, just enable this option with one click and set the button display to Computer if needed (button alignment, button size, etc.).

We hope you will like this solution, do not hesitate to give us feedback and tell us what your future needs are in terms of 3D and Augmented Reality !

Marie Loisier
Published by Marie LoisierOn November 16, 2020
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