How “Beau comme une Bateau” uses Numerized 3D & WebAR solutions ?

Beau comme un Bateau is a French company based in Nantes that designs, manufactures and markets single-seater boats in France. The objective of Beau comme un bateau is to give access to boating to the largest number of people through simple and innovative products.

“Our first product, the Dandy is a license-free single-seater electric boat that offers everyone the opportunity to be the only captain on board. Thus, athletes and non-athletes can pilot, comfortably installed and dry. We mainly aim to reach tourism or boat rental companies, but we also offer personalized Dandies to individuals. ”

1) How do you use the Numerized solution?

We use the Numerized 3D Viewer to present our boat on the homepage of our website. We use it to illustrate product characteristics and more broadly as a sales support tool and as a way to communicate on social media.

2) How can 3D and Augmented Reality help you achieve your goals in the short, medium or long term?

While redesigning our website, we wanted to integrate a 3D preview of the Dandy boat on the landing page in order to help users to have a full perspective of the product. To us, 3D seamed to be a relevant and effective solution to start selling a product for which the first series is being manufactured in the same time.

3) What benefits have you observed following your collaboration with Numerized?

Following the complete overhaul of our site and the addition of the 3D and augmented reality (WebAR) feature, we have opened pre-sales for the first series of Dandy and received our first orders.

franc╠žois and quentin Beau Comme un Bateau

Fran├žois and Quentin, co-founders of “Beau comme un Bateau”.

4) What future do you see for 3D and Augmented Reality? (Example of daily use, or future use for your business …)

Augmented reality and 3D compete with one of the last advantages of physical points of sale because they provoke the act of buying by allowing customers to see themselves. 3D and augmented reality could serve us in the future to create a configurator so that our customers can customize their Dandy.

5) Would you recommend the Numerized solution? Who or what type(s) of business?

We have found in Numerized, an efficient and responsive partner. We would recommend Numerized to all companies who wish to show the final rendering of a product before the production phase and more generally to all those who wish to help their customers to project themselves by putting the products in their environment.

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