G-SHOCK : Augmented Street Art on Instagram

For the launch of the G-Shock GA-2100, the internationally known brand Casio puts on a life-size event that combines Street Art and Augmented Reality. Indeed, the brand’s new watch model is revealed in Augmented Reality through a unique Instagram filter.

A graphic and immersive event in Augmented Reality, located at the Forum des Halles in Paris

For the release of its new range of watches, Casio, accompanied by the Green Garden Digital agency, called on artist Ruben Gerard to create a gigantic mural painting on one of the facades of the Westfield Forum des Halles in Paris. The event has more to offer since it is accompanied by an experience in Augmented Reality carried out by Numerized. To do this, a QR code has been integrated into the mural painting in order to send users directly to the instagram filter of the @gshockfr account. By scanning the image of the watch, you will see through your smartphone screen the whole painting coming to life, bringing the new G-Shock and its pop and modern environment to life.

How to live the experience yourself?

Find the painting from May 29 to June 6, 2021 at 101, rue de Rambuteau in Paris (Franceà, visible from outside the Forum des Halles. Don’t forget your smartphones and the latest Instagram update, so you can get the most out of the experience.

Casio, an urban and innovative brand

Originally, Casio made a name for itself with its calculators, but it subsequently established itself as one of the international benchmarks for watches. Created in 1946 in Japan, the brand has established itself on the world market, selling about 70 million G-Shock between 1983 and 2013. Since then, it has constantly modernized the range, letting more and more customers adopt its products.

Between urban culture and technological innovation, it is therefore quite natural that an experience like this one, which combines both street art for urban culture and Augmented Reality for the innovation aspect, takes on its full meaning!

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