Tarmak launches the first WebAR product comparator

Tarmak, the Decathlon basketball brand has launched an augmented reality basketball hoop comparator, allowing its users and therefore potential buyers to easily compare the basketball nets of the range. Directly linked to the brand’s e-commerce website, this comparator significantly improves the buying process and more generally the purchasing and brand experience.

Visually compare products from the same range using Augmented Reality

In a few clicks and in just a few seconds, the user has the possibility of being able to visualize in his garden 2 baskets of sneakers of his choice in order to compare them, and this from the website of Decathlon.fr thanks to the Numerized WebAR solution. An experience that does not require the user to download a specific application.

This new generation Augmented Reality comparator also allows the different technical elements that make up the selected basketball hoops to be compared, in order to allow the user to understand the advantages of each of the products at a glance.

Improve the user experience by breaking the border between the Real and the Virtual

For bulky products like basketball hoops, for which the size of the product is necessarily a criterion of choice when a user wishes to acquire a product of this kind, it is a real advantage for Tarmak to be able to offer a solution like this one. to its visitors.

By allowing access to this Augmented Reality technology, the Decathlon Basketball brand also breaks the border between the real and the virtual. What could be better than Augmented Reality to allow the user to have an overview of the product from all angles, in real size in his garden and more. This is ideal for presenting an entire product line, some of which may be quite similar.

This product dimension problem does not exist in stores, but it is very real online and giving its users access to this technology makes it possible to break this barrier to purchasing. The user is reassured, knows exactly which product is made for him, which strongly and positively impacts the conversion rates (acts of online purchase) and the return rates (which decrease because the user has a better overview of the product he bought.

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