Numerized Dashboard

Discover the power of the Numerized platform to simplify the brand content creation and the creation of experiences in 3D and Augmented Reality.

Create your own 3D and AR Experiences

Integrate 3D viewers in your brand's colors, Augmented Reality buttons into your website identity.

How does it work?

It's easy!
Etape 1 Create your Numerized Account To access your own dashboard.
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Upload 3D Assets
Or ask us to create 3D models for you.
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Create Content & Experiences
Easily create branded content and immersive experiences.
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Analyze Performances
Analyze the performance of your 3D & AR experiences and optimize them.

Create Online 3D & experiences

Powerful tools to create great onine experiences easily

Complete Cloud Editor Create custom experiences directly from your dashboard and pick up the code to integrate it to your website or app.
Powerful Distribution Quick loadings for great user experience. We host your 3D models and serve them to your users.
3D Online Converter Don't worry about 3D file formats. We auto-convert your 3D assets so you can use them wherever you want.
Manage Your 3D Assets All your 3D assets at the same place, so it's easy for you to manage your files and your digital catalog.

Want to start your 3D and AR strategy?