Virtual Try On (VTO)

The virtual Try On breaks down barriers between the physical and the digital worlds.

Sometimes abbreviated as VTO, the Virtual Try On is a technology that let the customer try on products in a digital way. It can be shoes, watches, jewelry, make-up, but also furniture and decoration products. In this case, instead of trying on yourself, you will try the product directly at home.

Not being able to view or try on a product can be an obstacle for the customer. The virtual try-on is the ideal solution to reassure them and encourage them to make the purchase.

The virtual fitting enhances the shopping experience and meet the increasingly growing need of shopping from home by living an experience as close as possible to what could be physically experienced at the point of sale.

  • Project the user into its purchase.
  • Innovate and stand out from the competition.
  • Improve your e-commerce performance : increase your conversion rates and decrease your return rates.
  • Improve the brand experience.

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