Frequently Asked Questions.

Packs & Subscriptions

Create your Numerized account here : https://numerized.com/register/

Fill the form and follow the steps to get started

No, you don't. You can create your account and start for free.

There are various pavcks available. You can start for free and upgrade anytime if you need more of the solution.


Numerized is a no code solution, it means that you don't have to be a developer to use it. You can set up your buttons and 3D players directly on your Numerized Dashboard, pick up the piece of code and integrate it to your website.

It is as easy as implementing a YouTube video on a webpage.

You just have to set up an AR Button (Augmented Reality Button) or a 3D viewer with the Augmented Reality Feature activated..

Yes, you can. It is very easy if your mobile app is a web application.

You just have to integrate the code provided on your pages.

Augmented Reality

A complete list of Augmented Reality compatible devices is available on our support pages.

You can have a look to all iOS and Android devices that support Augmented Reality.

On iOS: A 3D view is available, but the user can preview the 3D model on his environement.

On Android: the user is redirected to this page that explain why Augmented Reality is not working on specific devices.

On Windows Phone : smartphones and tablets are not comptable with the Augmented Reality feature.

Yes, you can. You just have to clic "Create new button" or "Edit Button". Then you can set up your own AR Button or choose between default buttons.

Only SVG images are currently supported.

3D models

We can create 3D models for you. We currently have 50+ designers on Numerized that can create 3D assets for you.

You can send your requests here: Request 3D Model.

If you want your 3D files to be available in real time 3D rendering (3D viewer) or available in WebAR, we recommend to have 3D files of 3Mb or less.

Max upload sized on Numerized : 8Mb.

More info on the list of3D files accepted on Numerized.

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